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Terra incognita | Cave monasteries of Moldova

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Moldova affects a large number of historic archaeological sites, as I walked on the field, and under his feet was strewn with huge amount of pottery Tripoli culture, is about 20,000 years old.

On the bank of the river Raut roll, cut the Greeks 1,500 years ago, limestone bath with huge plugs to drain the water. Limestone is a very soft stone it can be sawed, planed, from it you can build houses on the site of the quarry are some catacombs reach tens of kilometers, they can keep the wine cellars of the famous Cricova near Chisinau, and you can retire and live, so there was about 10 rock monasteries. I was in two of them in the Old Orhei and Saharna

We know that with I to VI century BC in the Old Orhei was the fortress of Geto-Dacian tribes. In 40-60 years, XIV-th century the territory was ruled by the Tartars, so that the city has undergone a number of changes: there caravanserais, mosques and public baths. The ruins of one of these baths designed for bathing, massage and relaxation, have survived to the present day.

In the second half of the XIV century, the city once again became the Moldovan. Were built around the perimeter defenses, and in the north-eastern side of the city was protected by a rocky shore of the river.

Saharna - rock monastery, protected by four rocks, creating a peaceful atmosphere for all the Orthodox congregation, located near the waterfall. Under Soviet rule the monastery was crazy house and walk around the monastery was scary

Cave monasteries of Moldova

Author  Vitaly V. Komarov   Vitaly Komarov

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