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Roads East Turkistan


At Land Rover from Siberia to Nepal The rally in the southern Urals Verkhoturye - the spiritual center of the Urals Roads East Turkistan Mali. Part I. Main Details

Olga Masloboeva

Programmer, candidate to Maters of Sport (tourism). Cycle tour to Tibet, Karakorum, the Himalayans, Patagonia, various countries of Europe. Mountaineering and skiing tours in Tien Shan, the Pamir and the Altai, the Sayans.

Prize-winner of All-Russian championships on sports tours, many-times winner of the Siberian Federal Region on sports tours, prize-winner of Internet cycle tour contests “The Way.”

Author of “The Unknown Karakorum” documentary and the book “Along the Great Silk Road”, laureate of the Moscow Open Film Festival “The Golden Compass.”

;Our plane headed for Urumchi, the capitol of the Sinzzian-Uigur autonomous region. Historically, this place was called the Eastern Turkestan. It was into these lands that in the end of the 19th century the Russian Geographical Society had sent expeditions of N.Przhevalsky, M.Pevtzov and P.Kozlov; and we started here on bicycles on the eve of the 60th anniversary of the Chinese People’s Republic.

     The Eastern Turkestan (Uighur. Sherqi Turkistan) or Uighurstan includes Kashgaria (in the south) and Jungaria (in the north).

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