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Verkhoturye - the spiritual center of the Urals


At Land Rover from Siberia to Nepal The rally in the southern Urals Verkhoturye - the spiritual center of the Urals Roads East Turkistan Mali. Part I. Main Details

Distance from large cities:

Yekaterinburg - 340 km, Chelyabinsk - 540 km, Perm - 660 km, Tyumen - 660 km, Ufa - 850 km

N 58,5138,
E 60.4829

Everybody must visit here

Verkhoturie is called the spiritual capital of the Urals. Indeed, nowhere else in our region do we have such a density of churches and monasteries per thousand of population. At that, hardly 7,5 thousand people live here.

Verkhoturie was established here in 1597 on the Babinovo road connecting Russia and Siberia. Previously, there used to be a deserted Vogul town Neromkar. For over 150 years Verkhoturie had played the most important role on the Babinovo road. This was the chief fortress on the road to Siberia. In 1600 they established a customs point in Verkhoturie. They collected duties on all goods delivered via the Babinovo road. Thanks to it, the town was developing rapidly, nice houses were built of stone here

In the beginning of the 20th century they have erected a huge cathedral of the Exaltation of the Cross, the third largest in Russia, to commemorate 300th anniversary of the house of the Romanovs.

Of interest in Verkhoturie also is its public architecture, comprising many older buildings.

A documentary about Verkhoturie from the cycle “All Wonders of the Urals.” (OTV company, Chelyabinsk):
Часть 1.

Part 1.


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