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The Novosibirsk Branch of RGO

Everybody willing to take part in the activities of the RGO is welcome. We would gladly provide assistance in visiting any part of Asia, conducting an expedition, shooting a movie or merely getting new and unforgivable impressions.

Our address: Office 401, 3 Akademic Koptyug Prospect, Novosibirsk, 630090

Phone +7-383-3303534

mail: rgo-sib@mail.ru

site: http://rgo-sib.ru

Igor S. Novikov

Leading research officer

DPhil (Geology & Mineralogy)

Chairman, the Novosibirsk Branch of RGO

+7 383 3303534


     Expeditions Sections, NB RGO
     Alexander V. Yudushkin
     Master of Sports (Tourism)
     Chairman, Expeditions Section, the NB of RGO

     Paranormal Phenomena Section, the NB of RGO
     Vitaly V. Komarov
     Chairman, Paranormal Phenomena Section, the NB of RGO
     Development and administration of web-site rgo-sib.ru


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