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Contacts | Boris F. Bidyukov

Boris F. Bidyukov, 1948.

Engineer, practicing psychologist, teacher. Studied and worked in Semipalatinsk, Tomsk, Novosibirsk, St.Petersburg and Moscow. In 1977-87 he has been developing non-explosive vibro devices for seismic exploration of oil and gas at one R&D bureau in Novosibirsk.

Since 1975 he has been participating in researches on the Tunguska phenomenon of 1908, in 14 expeditions to this area. He has been a leader and organizer of Thermolume field party exploring thermo-luminous peculiarities of minerals in the Tunguska area.

In 1996-2002 he has been heading the Tunguska Herald journal (15 editions) and the Internet hodka.net site.

In November 1999 he was the scientific consultant with a joint Russian-Japanese expedition to the Tunguska area.

Participant and scientific consultant with the Russian-American scientific-practical Taimyr expedition (the Popigai crater, 1999).

Head of a complex multi-discipline expedition of 25 people to the Malyobkino anomaly (Perm region, 1990).

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