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*A Paris Diligence*

*All Right, from 'Fores Coaching Recollections', engraved by J. Harris*

*Going Shooting; a Postillion and Pair with a Game Cart*

*A London Cab*

*London to Bristol and Bath stage coach*

*The Olden Time, from 'Fores Coaching Recollections', engraved by J. Harris*

*Changing Horses, from 'Fores Coaching Recollections', engraved by John Harris*

James Pollard *The Liverpool and London Royal Mail Coach (1812)*

James Pollard *Coaching scene*

James Pollard *Kidd's Omnibus to Turnham Green at the Angel Inn*

James Pollard *Hyde Park Corner *

James Pollard *A Royal Mail Coach on a flooded road*

James Pollard *The Approach to Christmas (1849)*

James Pollard *Quicksilver Royal Mail passing the Star and Garter at Kew Bridge (1835)*

James Pollard *The London-to-Brighton Coach at Cheapside, 18th July 1831*

James Pollard *A Barouche drawn by Four Greys passing a Jacobean Mansion (1830)*

James Pollard *The Elephant and Castle on the Brighton Road (1826)*

James Pollard *The Exeter Royal Mail on a country road*

James Pollard*The Mail Coach in a Thunderstorm, engraved by R.G. Reeve (1827)*

Henry Thomas Alken *Coaching Scene*

Jan Brueghel, the Elder *River Landscape*

Hyde Park Corner, after James Pollard, published by Ackermann (1836)

David of York Dalby *Horse and Carriage*

Herbert Jones *A Four-in-Hand Race at the Five Bells Tavern, New Cross*

John Frederick Herring, Sr *The Edinburgh to London Royal Mail Coach*

John Frederick Herring, Sr *Roundheads at an Arundel Church*

John Frederick Herring, Sr *Barnet Fair*

John Frederick Herring, Sr *'Confidence', drawing a gig driven by a groom (1842)*

Henry Thomas Alken *The Dover to London Coach: In Winter*

Thomas Musgrave Joy *Travelling Past 1760, 'Your Money or Your Life' (1861)*

J.C. Maggs *Changing Horses outside the Plough Inn, Cheltenham*

Frederic Sorrieu *View of 'La Belle Jardiniere' department store and the Pont Neuf*

Joseph Highmore *Pamela leaves Mr B's house in Bedfordshire, from `Pamela: or Virtue Rewarded' by Samuel Richardson*

James Tissot *The Bridesmaid *

John Ritchie *Summer Day in Hyde Park*

Briston-London Stagecoach

Antoine Charles Horace Vernet *Hunt meeting, engraved by Philibert Louis Debucourt*

Antoine Charles Horace Vernet *Napoleon on a hunt in the Compiegne Forest (1811)*

Abraham Solomon *The Departure of a Diligence from Biarritz (1862)*

Thomas Hosmer Shepherd *Lower Regent Street, pub. by Ackermann*

William Powell Frith *A Stagecoach Adventure, Bagshot Heath (1848)*

Pierre-Denis Martin *The Inauguration of the Church of the Invalides by Louis XIV*

Maurice Delondre *On the Omnibus (1880)*

Albert Adam *English Horses (1874)*

Jean-Baptiste Edouard Detaille *London Street (1869)*

The Stage Arrives

Adam Frans van der Meulen *The Entry of Louis XIV*

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